Sarah Stockstill “Warm Springs” Original Abstract Painting. Original Price: $4,300



Design Plus Gallery presents a Sarah Stockstill “Warm Springs” Abstract Painting. Signed by the artist on the front and title on the back of the canvas. Layers of paint are removed and added to created a layered depth. Neutral tones make it easy to mix with a variety of color schemes. Comes with rings to hang vertically but artist intended for it to be shown vertically.

About Artist:
“Sarah Stockstill is a prolific artist whose inspiration comes from a career steeped in photography and the humble beginnings of an artist’s apprentice. Her style explores imagery that evokes the deep sense of emotional passion that lies within the psyche. Her style suggests an almost longing for simplicity, yet contains a depth that seems almost impossible to grasp. The rich colors beg for attention by being simply beautiful, and at the same time they are covered in a sublime, almost transparent layer that speaks to the hidden secrets of a world undiscovered, one that is even more beautiful than what is apparent on the surface.

Born in Arizona, Stockstill overcame the adversity of her youth and found harmony in the desert, melding it with the contemporary influences found in the landscape of Los Angeles. Finding solace in the beauty of a multicolored world, she continues to create work that is both subliminal in texture and distinct in composition that is sought out by collectors from around the world.”

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Dimensions 60 x 48 in



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