Our Team


I was born in Poland and grew up in the Communist era when there was virtually nothing in stores. I remember my grandmother dragging me from bed in the middle of the night, just so we could get a good spot in line for basic goods like sugar or toilet paper. Growing up in a place where I had nothing made me desire and appreciate things of beauty, while at the same time valuing thrift and economy. At Design Plus we surround ourselves with beautiful things and recycled treasures. I have a Masters Degree in marketing and management and years of experience in customer service, our top priority at Design Plus.


Born and raised in California, I’ve always been interested in the arts as well as people. With certificates and college degrees in drafting, photography and sociology, I use my skills and background to help others live in affordable luxury. As a child I grew up with nothing truly valuable other than my imagination. Now as an adult I embrace this, striving to share creative solutions with my customers and doing my best to have each one of them walk out of our doors with a smile. I consider Design Plus my home and hope you will too.


Having had the opportunity to grow up in and travel to many countries, I have learned to appreciate the valuable contributions and talents of people from many walks of life. Spending a career as a merchant for regional and national retailers, customer’s wants and needs became my passion. Realizing the amount of product continuously being put into the pipeline that eventually leads to landfill, I am happy to participate in keeping so many beautiful, quality products in circulation, creating welcoming, comforting environments.


Born in Poland, I came to Design Plus Gallery by way of most of the world. Dancing has always been my passion and my livelihood for many years, which took me to many countries. Training in cabinetry makes me appreciate our beautiful furnishings and informs my customer service. My side-hustle is teaching Polish Folk Dance to youngsters and performing myself.


I joined Design Plus team in 2014 and I bring to the table years of experience in customer service and a desire to assist clients with their design needs.


I moved to USA from Poland, where I was born and spent most of my life. I got my Masters Degree in finance and accounting from University of Szczecin. My most recent position that I held was with Millennium Bank where I was awarded the best performing banker of Northern Poland thanks to building long lasting relationships with my clients. I’m passionate about helping others, learning new things and I love animals.

Join our team!

Design Plus Gallery is seeking team members to interact professionally with consignors and develop relationships with our valued clients. As a shopping destination and online marketplace for pre-owned furnishings, our staff manages incoming inquiries, making it easy for owners to benefit when downsizing, redecorating or relocating. We then assist our customers in finding one-of-a-kind furniture and décor and at a remarkable savings, in our beautifully curated showrooms. We ask that our staff have 1-2 years successful experience in a customer service related industry, and be comfortable with technology. Please email your resume to career@designplusgallery.com