Pam Smilow “Blues” Original Mixed Media Artwork. Original Price: $2,500



Design Plus Gallery presents “Blues” an original collaged painting by Pam Smilow, New York. This work evokes an element of playfulness, light and tenderness. The artist’s use of color and paper, and imagery create a quiet place to dwell near the blooms. Little evidence of surface wear; painting is in good condition for age and use.

“Her two-dimensional picture planes radiate with brilliance into a multi-dimensional realm. Yet, each painting evokes subtlety, a form of natural innocence. Her paintings are filled with objects, shapes and imagery that, as she stated, reflects “Things in my own world, my vocabulary, things I notice. Sometimes a boat, or trees or other objects, some of which have been in my thematic since childhood.” She defines her art as “primitive, whimsical, filled with material elements.” The result is joyous and magical.”

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Dimensions 51 x 28 in



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