Vintage French Henri Le Monnier Art Deco Liqueur Cordial Médoc Custom Framed Print


Design Plus Gallery Presents a Henri Le Monnier Vintage Art Deco Liqueur Cordial Médoc Custom Framed Print. “La Liqueur Qui Rejouit le Coeur” translated from French means “The Liquor Which Rejoices the Heart. This poster art was created by Henri Le Monnier. This piece is in good condition with minor wear.

About the Artist:
“One of the great masters of stone lithography, his images can be found to promote a variety of products. His possessed a great sense of humor and detail when creating his images. Most of Le Monnier’s work was done post WW1 in the great printing days that encompassed the art deco period.”

Additional information

Dimensions 48 x 65 in



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