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Vénus Oriane

Artist Statement:

I’ve been creating art since a very young age. The genre or the creative medium has never been my intention, but always more importantly the expression of how I see and feel the beauty of our world, and to convey it through whatever form at the moment would occupy my attention. I have created numerous pieces through painting, photography, writing and filmmaking over the years.

My inspiration for my abstract paining has been to allow the viewer, through the eye of their soul to view a beauty or reach an understanding that is only meant for them.

My impetus to merge the mediums of photography and acrylic painting has been to create a fusion that allows the real and the imaginary to speak a different language, to allow access to something within, that each instrument on their own might fail to do so.

One of my favorite artistic expressions has been creating my palm bark sculptures: Goddess Shields. These mixed media art pieces depict the feminine, the Goddess Within. That natural compelling energy that expresses beauty, sensuality, as well as strength and bravery. The Palm Bark which is made by nature has been my canvas to authentically bear this intent.

If I were to choose one primary word that would capture the drive behind my art, it would be: LOVE.

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Dimensions 40 x 30 in



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