Salvatori Ta Tolo Marble + Iron Coffee Table. Original Price: $14,000


Design Plus Gallery presents the Solo Coffee Table from Salvatori. Designed by Franz Siccardi, this abstract sculptural work of art will infuse any decor with spell-binding sophistication. A solid square base fashioned out of white Carrara marble merges with an open iron frame, their geometric harmony and material contrast creating breathtaking lightness and textural depth. Daring and radical, Ta Volo, a deft portmanteau, bridges the Italian words “volo” (flying) and “tavolo” (table), epitomizing the dynamic interplay of power of nature (through stone) and man (through iron) present in this work. Very dramatic and of the highest quality materials + design. In good condition with some surface wear on the iron frame. Handmade in Italy.

*Note: Identical Coffee Table May Be Available

“Founded in 1946, Salvatori is a design company specialized in natural stone craftsmanship. Renowned for its elegant and innovative products, Salvatori has risen to the international stage, setting the standard for an evocative “design meets natural stone” aesthetic. From stunning textures for walls to interior design products, each piece is an alluring combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and contemporary design. The company’s deep-rooted passion for natural stone distinguishes its defining characteristic: each product is distinctly unique, as no two pieces are alike.”

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Dimensions 47 x 59 x 14 in



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