Patrick Crabb Raku Slab Wall Platters, a Pair. Original Price: $3,200


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Pair of Wall Platters by Patrick Crabb. Finding inspiration in broken pot shards by the Native Americans, these large hanging pieces demand attention. Both smooth and rough edged ceramic edged, the surface is filled with symbols to decifer. One piece has a repaired crack, otherwise good condition.

“Patrick Crabb regards his ceramic art as the culmintion of a magical journey that has evolved over 40 years, following a myriad of paths of discovery to draw on numerous sources, that continue to act as a wellspring for his creativity. This includes his “deconstruction approach” using the resurrection of shards/fragmentation, which was inspired by artist Rick Dillingham from the 1970’s era. Also included are his nature treks into the American Southwest, with inspiration from broken pot shards by the Native Americans. Additionally, his international travels each year contribute to an ongoing admiration for ancient artifacts of various countries giving a consistent source of inspiration.

His artistic sojourns have provided fertile interpretations of container vessels and ancient figures, with incisive insights into their inherent mysteries. As these connected paths continue to criss-cross each other, his enhanced understanding enrichess his imagery year by year, which he wishes to convey thru his ceramic creations of multi cultural compositions and contemporary artifacts. Recreating a coherency with the broken shards of varied textures and colours adds a new perspective to the rebuilt vessels. The darker raku shards are used to infuse a counterpoint to highlight the brighter pieces and the dynamic of the fractured lines.

Crabb’s large wall platters, vessels and figurative sculptures all incorperate his shard integration while reflecting his intrigue for artifacts from antiquity from his extended travels to witness the primitive cultures of Asia, Africa and South America.”

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