NEW Peter Danko Ashton Arm Chair. Original Price: $816


Design Plus Gallery presents a AshtonArmchair by Danko. Designed by Peter Danie. The belts are green wrapped in a beech wood frame. Minor wear on frame. Made in USA.

From Designer:
“Necessity is the Mother of Invention….and necessity on a number of levels is the reason I designed the Ashton Chairs. The design satisfied my needs as a designer and satisfies a need of the market. It also speaks to how we can bring manufacturing back from Asia.

Making furniture is extremely competitive. Our small shop competes with large factories here in America. We also compete with factories in Asia that can produce an entire chair and ship it to the USA for less than I can buy wood for.

I love designing and making furniture, especially chairs. I want to make museum quality furniture in my small shop. I want my designs to be elegant, comfortable, sturdy and practical. Every detail just so. I want my work to be affordable, not just to the wealthy. Further, I want my designs to make a REAL statement about sustainability: not just the same old thing but with “green” ingredients. I want to use materials where you can pretty much guess they are optimized for resource conservation, or that they came from a post industrial waste stream. I want my chairs to look like their owner made a lifestyle choice for sustainability.” – Danko

Additional Measurements:
Arm Height: 26 inches
Seat Height: 18 inches

Additional information

Dimensions 24.5 x 20 x 34 in



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