Fleurs Séchées Pour Remonter Limited Edition Print


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Design Plus Gallery Presents a Limited Edition Print of “Fleurs Sechees Pour Remonter, by Theo Tobiasse. 1985. Numbered 27/125, the vibrant composition draws you in with color and content.

“After the war Tobiasse worked for 15 years as a very successful advertising artist, first in Paris and then in Nice. He painted as often as he could during this time, often at night. In 1960 he entered his first art show and won the Grand Prize. Since 1961, Tobiasse has enjoyed incredible worldwide success. A sentimental and private individual, Tobiasse puts his innermost feelings into all of his works and his little “secret” into his original paintings: a personal message which he writes in Yiddish and then glues onto the canvas before painting or collaging over it. No one will ever know the message without destroying the painting itself!”

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Dimensions 39 x 32 in



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