1987 Custom Framed Painting by Gertrud Inga Maria Svenston Stockton (1920-2015) Signed Svenston


Design Plus Gallery presents an original painting by Artist: Gertrud Inga Maria Svenston Stockton (1920-2015). Signed Svenston, dated 1987. This captivating work of art features a man and a child in a picnic setting, with a beautiful blue vintage vehicle parked in the background. The painting is full of bright, vibrant colors, and the detail and texture of the brushstrokes create an inviting atmosphere. The man and child seem to be enjoying a peaceful day in a lush and idyllic setting, surrounded by lush green grass and trees and the bright blue sky. This painting is sure to bring a touch of warmth and joy to any home and is a great addition to any art collection. Custom framed with a metal frame.

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Dimensions 54 x 40 in



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