James Coignard “Chute Sur Rouge” Carborundum Graphic Print 57/95. Original Price: $3,700


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Design Plus Gallery presents the Print #57/95 ‘Chute Sur Rouge” by James Coignard. A French Artist known for his Abstract Works and Experimental Techniques. “Chute Sur Rouge”, one of his most famous works, is an abstract painting that is characterized by bright colors and dynamic composition. The painting is dominated by different shades of red, which contrast with touches of black and white. The brushstrokes are quick and energetic, creating a feeling of movement and fluidity. The work seems to capture a moment of falling or descent, hence its title. The composition is asymmetrical and encourages the viewer to explore the different shapes and patterns present in the painting. Abstract lines and shapes create a sense of depth and perspective, adding visual interest to the work. As a limited edition print, this piece is part of a small edition of only 95 prints, with this specific print being number 57 out of 95. This adds to its value and rarity, making it a highly sought-after piece for collectors of James Coignard’s work.
Overall, this print showcases Coignard’s unique artistic style and mastery of the carborundum etching technique. It is a stunning piece that would make a great addition to any art collection. In good condition, with minor wear consistent with age + use.

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Dimensions 29 x 37 in



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