Warren Knapp Original Oil Painting of the Golden Gate Bridge


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Warren Knapp Original Oil Painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. Vibrating complementary tones depict this iconic symbol of San Francisco. Rich oil paint is gesturally painted in an impressionistic fashion the artist is well known for. Minor wear on frame, signed in top right corner.

“Whenever I am asked why I became an artist, my answer is always the same. I became an artist to paint emotions. Happiness, love, sadness, joy and especially, gratitude. These are some of the most powerful emotions and the most exciting to paint. Every brush stroke is a wink of thankful creativity poured into each canvas. As an American Impressionist, I am thankful for each of the thousands of paintings I’ve created in my 58 years. That includes the tiny watercolor I scrubbed out on a paper towel at age six!” -Warren Knapp

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Dimensions 36 x 80 in



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