Vintage Women’s African Modesty Sex Apron


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Design Plus Gallery presents an Old African Beaded Kirdi Modesty Sex Apron. This is a wonderful beaded Kirdi Pubic Apron with White, Yellow, Black, Red and Green Beads from African. Most likely from the nomadic Fulani of Cameroon and their neighbors, the Kirdi, both make these beaded aprons. Living in the area of the Mandara mountains, Matakam women of northern Cameroon wore pubic aprons made of small iron strips covering the sex and held in place by a belt of fiber. They have been replaced today by beaded aprons. The Kirdi and Fulani women are known for their art of personal adornments, such as aprons, necklaces and bracelets. Beaded aprons have today replaced those of iron and are worn by women upon special occasions such as marriage or during the presentation of new born children. Maidens wear beaded cache sexe, sometimes torn by their husbands as part of wedding night rituals. Geometric patterns found on the brightly colored beaded aprons reflect designs shared by a number of neighboring peoples. Buttons, beads, and shells adorn this colorful apron. In good condition, in a frame for display.

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Dimensions 12 x 15 in



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