Vintage Uzbekistan Double Flowers Silk on Cotton Green Suzani


Design Plus Gallery presents a 5ft X 8ft8in Floral Suzani from Uzbekistan. Silk embroidery in a traditional pattern on an emerald green ground cloth, signed by artist and dated 1979. Good condition.

“Graceful floral motifs dominate in Uzbek suzanis–both in nineteenth century pieces and in modern work. In a bleak desert landscape, oasis and courtyard gardens are especially cherished, and so plants, blossoms and vines of all types appear in the needlework, as well as occasional fish and birds. Old traditional abstracted forms also appear: palmettes, rosettes, and pomegranates. Medallions are nearly always flower forms, although there is speculation that some large roundels may have represented the sun or moon in past times.”

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Dimensions 60 x 105 in



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