Vintage Kalaga Embroidered Tapestry


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Design Plus Gallery presents a A Vintage Kalaga Embroidered Tapestry. Textile art is backed with a black fabric “frame” with a gold painted wooden dowel at top. Composition is beaded with figural artwork showcasing five medallions with various animals inside. The textile is decorated and embroidered with beads, sequins and glass beads for a textural and heavily layered look. The word “Kalaga” comes from the Burmese language and refers to such tapestries. The culture of Myanmar (also known as Burma)has been heavily influenced by Buddhism. This tapestry uses a sewing technique called (Shwe Gyi.). Kalaga art form emerged n the mid-19th century during the Konbaung dynasty. There is minor wear through out, wall hanging is in good condition. This beautiful vintage artwork is very unique with muted metallic tones and hand made in Burma.

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Dimensions 24.5 x 60 in



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