Vintage Burgundy Tabriz Area Rug – 9′ × 12′3″. Original Price: $12,700


$999.00 $499.00

Design Plus Gallery presents a 9ft x 12in 3ft Vintage Burgundy Tabriz Area Rug. The background of the design is a rich and elegant Burgundy color that exudes sophistication and refinement. This deep hue creates a regal atmosphere and sets the stage for the rest of the pattern. Scattered throughout the design are lush green leaves, displaying shades of soft sage green. These leaves add a refreshing touch to the design, infusing it with an element of nature and vitality. The leaves are delicately detailed, with veins and subtle texture, giving them a lifelike appearance. The main focal point of the pattern features classically-styled swirl patterns, reminiscent of intricate Victorian-era motifs. These elegant swirls create an ornate and mesmerizing effect, capturing the attention and inviting further exploration. Each swirl is meticulously crafted, exhibiting fine details and graceful curves. In good condition, with general soiling and slight stains that can use a professional cleaning.

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