Travis & Company British Eight Arm Brass Chandelier. Original Price: $7,430


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Solid Brass D’ore Chandelier from Travis and Company. The British D’ore chandelier is an eight-arm electrified fixture that features ornate design elements. The arms of the chandelier are shaped like a flowing “S” and decorated with scrolling patterns and foliage motifs, adding to its visual appeal. The chandelier is mounted on a round platform which has an acanthus drop base enhancing the overall aesthetic. At the top of the fixture, there is a finial adorned with intricate detailing. One notable feature of this chandelier is its hanging mechanism. It utilizes a spiral turned central member from which all other components hang. This adds elegance to the piece and creates visual interest as it cascades downward. Instead of using standard chains for suspension purposes, this particular d’ore chandelier incorporates pierced decorative chain links throughout its length. These links not only serve their functional purpose but also add another layer of ornamentation to enhance its grandeur further. The D’ore chandelier showcases exquisite craftsmanship in both design and execution – making it a striking centerpiece in any space where traditional elegance meets modern convenience through electrical lighting integration. Visible wear from usage + age. Natural patina.

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Dimensions 25 x 25 x 36 in



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