Tom & Julie Bloyd Handblown Glass Seven Bowl Rainbow Fountain. Original Price: $3,625


Design Plus Gallery presents a Seven Bowl Rainbow Fountain. Hand blown by Husband and wife Tom & Julie Bloyd. The fountain is hand forged steel which cradled hand blown glass bowls. The grass accent is hand formed, textured and attached with a copper wrap. This art piece can create a relaxing atmosphere for any space.

About the Artist:
“Tom Bloyd and his wife, Julie have created the perfect husband and wife glass blowing team. Tom is the lead glass blower and Julie who is pretty much self taught is his able assistant. No accomplished glass blower can be successful without a competent assistant he can work in harmony with….The color combinations and designs that I apply today are a culmination of over 14 years of exploration. One focus of my work is the exploration of optical layering of color. The layering of color on clear glass creates incredible depth and vibrant, dimensional patterns. I manipulate color so that each piece has a different pattern on the interior than on the exterior. Even after a lifetime of working in this medium, I know that I will only scratch the surface on all the possibilities it presents.” – Tom Bloyd

Additional information

Dimensions 35 x 25 x 28.5 in



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