Semigood Products Rift Walnut Desk + Chair. Original Price: $9,200


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Design Plus Gallery presents the Rift Desk & Chair from Semigood Products. Beautiful solid walnut, the made to order modern desk is a subtle showpiece for home or office. The timeless lines and subtle tapers of this desk make it a classic for all time. The writing desk has a shallow right drawer for your Namiki Emperor or Visconti Van Gogh Fountain pens. Light surface wear evident, overall good condition.

“Semigood Design is an American furniture design company founded and operated by Thom Jones, Rian Jones and Brendan Callahan. From it’s inception in 2001, Semigood has been focused on the development and execution of timeless and expertly crafted heirloom products. Our pride stands in our combined commitment to bold and functional hand-crafted furniture with the sustainability to match. We have put our diverse talents to the test to find the most nascent, functional materials to create a furniture that lives. Our wood is FSC-certified, and we use proximate domestic suppliers to conserve and to minimize the toxic effects of transportation. ”

Additional measurements:
Chair: W16 inches x D20 inches x H33.5 inches
Table: W48 inches x D20 inches x H29 inches
Seat Height: 17.5 inches

Additional information

Dimensions 48 x 20 x 29 in



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