Salvatore Dali’s Lithograph ‘Corpus Hypercubus’ Cruxifixion, Ltm. #95/250. Original Price: $6,500


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Design Plus Gallery presents ‘Corpus Hypercubus’ by Salvatore Dali. In this painting, titled “Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus),” Dali combines his interests in religion, mathematics, and science to create a unique and surreal interpretation of Christ’s crucifixion. The lithograph, numbered #95 of 250, showcases Dali’s theory of “nuclear mysticism,” which combines the spiritual and scientific realms. At the center of the art work, Christ is depicted levitating before a hypercube, a geometric shape that represents multiple dimensions. This choice of symbolism reflects Dali’s fascination with the mathematical concept of higher dimensions, as well as his belief in the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual worlds. Unlike traditional crucifixion depictions, Christ’s body in this painting is healthy and athletic, with no signs of torture. The absence of the crown of thorns and the nails further emphasizes the artist’s departure from traditional iconography. Instead, Dali portrays Christ as triumphant over physical pain and suffering, focusing on his spiritual transcendence. Dali’s wife, Gala, appears in the lithograph as a devotional figure, witnessing Christ’s triumph. Gala’s presence adds a personal touch to the artwork and highlights the importance of relationships and love in Dali’s understanding of spirituality. The image also incorporates other dreamlike elements commonly found in Dali’s earlier. Is in good condition with visible and minor wear on the frame.

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Dimensions 29 x 37 in



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