Sabzi Moonlight Romance Giclee on Canvas, Framed Edition 133/295


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Design Plus Gallery presents Moonlight Romance, by Sabzi. Beautifully stylized and full of symbolism, the intimate composition is a giclee on canvas embellished with gold leaf (under artists supervision). The. limited edition 133/295 numbered and hand signed by the artist. Antiqued wood frame finishes the piece. Little evidence of surface wear; good condition.

Sabzi tantalizes us with beautiful shapes and intricate symbolism. Here are a few of Sabzi‘s thoughts:

“Woman: The bearer of all; the bearer of life. She has many sides to her and I show this as shades of light and dark in her face. The dark side shows mystery; the light side is what we see every day. I often place a woman in the center of my paintings as she is the center of the universe like Mother Nature. Metal Blocks: They connect the industrial nature of human life with the metaphysical. Stitches: They are a way of connecting the worlds of here and the future; physical and metaphysical; real and fantasy. Cats: They represent the mysterious side of a woman’s personality. They can choose you….you do not choose them. The shape of a cat is smooth, soft and elegant…like a woman.”

“SABZI (1955- ) Born in Persia, Sabzi started painting at the age of twelve. Although encouraged as an artist by his parents and teachers, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Jundi Shapur before returning to his first love — art. Today, his subjects are mostly women — beautiful, graceful, taciturn and melancholy — reflecting love, mystery and solitude. His women are Madonnas, modern goddesses and martyred saints with elongated forms suggesting instability and internal conflict. An accomplished abstract painter, Sabzi’s passion for the spiritual is represented in the open spaces, symbolism and intricate patterns that make up the backgrounds of his compositions. He juxtaposes the complex feelings, body language and attitudes of his predominantly female figures against a backdrop of shapes and forms in space. “

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Dimensions 25 x 45 in



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