S. Keng Custom Framed Batik Painting


Design Plus Gallery presents a Custom Framed Batik Painting by S Keng. Malaysian artist S. Keng son of Master Chuah Thean Teng (Malaysian, 1914-2008) at their Yahong Gallery, Batu Ferringhi, Penang Malaysia. SKENG is known for his “Malaysian Asian Modern Contemporary” paintings. Vibrant colors of orange, yellows and blues depicts the fishing boat’s and structures over the water.

About Gallery:
“Batu Ferringhi, Penang Island’s beautiful beach resort, has more to offer than just sun and surf. Located in its midst is Yahong Art Gallery, the largest arts and crafts center on the island. Yahong brings together a rich variety of artwork and handicrafts by both Malaysian and Asian artists. The Yahong Art Gallery is also home to Malaysia’s most celebrated batik artist, Chuah Thean Teng. Teng’s brilliant batik paintings, coupled with the work of his two artist sons, are displayed in the gallery’s upper level. Painted in Malaysia.

Yahong Gallery attractively displays the original batik paintings of Chuah Thean Teng. His works are avidly sought by both private collectors and museums throughout the world. Teng enjoys notability as the father and master of batik painting. He has transformed the ancient craft of batik into a fine art form. In addition, three of Teng’s sons are fine artists working in batik painting as well as several other mediums. Although Teng’s paintings occupy a prominent position in the gallery, Yahong also displays works of other notable artists in watercolour, Chinese ink and oil. Yahong’s engaging display of vivid art work will tempt the casual buyer as well as the serious collector…

Batik is an ancient art form used to adorn the festive clothing of many peoples througout Asia. Today designers are using cotton and silk batik to fashion their lines with exotic flavours. Yahong provides shoppers with clothing, such as shirts, dresses, children’s clothers and even tablecloths, scarves and handbags from batik materials. Visitors are encouraged to watch demonstrations on the fascinating craftwork of batik printing. Witness the process of batik dyeing as the craftsman prints molten wax on selected areas of the material using a copper block. As the material is dyed, the exposed or unwaxed areas will absorb the dye. The process is continued until the desired pattern is achieved. As the wax is removed, the visitor will be delighted with the resulting designs on dresses, children’s clothers and even tablecloths, scarves and handbags from batik materials.”

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Dimensions 35 x 24 in



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