Royal Crown Derby England Porcelan Tea Set – 10 Pieces


Design Plus Gallery presents a Royal Crown Derby England Porcelain 10 Piece Tea Set. The Royal Crown Derby has been making bone china porcelain for 265 years and is named after their tea sets made for Royal families. The company even received their title from Queen Victoria in 1890. A gold paint adorns the borders and is accented by a classic navy blue for this collection. Minor wear through out, set is in good condition.

Additional Measurements:
Platter: W18 Inches x D13 Inches x H1.25 Inches
Teapot: W9 Inches x D8 In Inches x H6 Inches
Sugar Pot: W6 Inches x D3.5 Inches x H4.5 Inches
Creamer: W4 Inches x D2.5 Inches x H4 Inches
Teacup (3): W3.5 Inches x D3 Inches x H2.25 Inches
Saucer (3): DIA5 Inches x H.75 Inches

Additional information

Dimensions 18 x 14 x 6.5 in



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