Roll & Hill Jason Miller 21 Globe Modo Chandelier. Original Price: $8,400


Design Plus Gallery presents a 21 Globe Modo Chandelier by Roll & Hill. Design by Jason Miller in 2009. For a simple and innovative lighting, Jason Miller draws on everyday aspects of American culture, transforming them into something surprising and beautiful. For his Modo Chandelier introduced in 2009, Miller was inspired by off-the-shelf industrial parts like those found on Canal Street, not far from his Brooklyn studio. “Modo’s parts are made by high-end machine shops here in America that typically work for the airline industry. While the inspiration is a bit banal, it is now a very sophisticated product.” The chandelier’s components are painstakingly engineered and custom CNC-milled from solid aluminum. The finish is black and the globes are smoke. Made in U.S.A.

Additional Measurements:
Two Extra Rods- 25.5 inches Each.
Overall Height with all Rods : 100.5 inches

Additional information

Dimensions 68 x 68 x 49.5 in



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