Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. Sharon Montrose Baby Animal Prints, Set of Six. Original Price: $1,890


Design Plus Gallery presents a Set of Six Baby Animal Prints from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. Sharon Montrose is a talented photographer who specializes in capturing the essence of her animal subjects. In this sweet collection of portraits, Montrose showcases a variety of animals, all of which have been lovingly rescued or raised. All the animals are photographed in natural poses, highlighting their unique personalities and features. From the gentle gaze of a curious giraffe to the playful antics of a mischievous squirrel, each photograph tells a story about the individual animal. What sets Montrose’s portraits apart is the way she incorporates stylized environments into the photos. The result is a collection of photographs that not only capture the beauty of each animal but also offer insight into their world. Montrose’s skillful composition and use of light further enhance the portraits, creating captivating images that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging. Minor wear from usage + age. Made in the USA.

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Dimensions 18 x 15 in



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