Restall Brown & Clennell Pedestal Style Side Tables, a Pair


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Pair of High Sheen Pedestal Side Tables, a Pair. Sensuous and smooth these tables are a prime example of quiet luxury. Restall Brown & Clennell are English fine furniture specialists. The quality and finish of each piece of furniture they craft displays the expertise and passion of their team of designers and craftsmen. Established in 1905 in London, Restall Brown & Clennell is a proud institution that has been producing elite furniture for over 100 years. They have worked with Interior Designers and private clients and our furniture stands proud in Private Residences, Yachts, Luxury Hotels, Offices and Boardrooms the world over. Their handcrafted furniture is of the highest quality, using only the most traditional and authentic methods and the highest levels of skills from inception to creation. So too are these impeccable tables with minimal signs of wear or use. Sourced by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill of Spencer Churchill Designs.

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Dimensions 31 x 20 x 28 in



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