Ray Jackson Original Framed Painting “429”. Original Price: $6,000


Design Plus Gallery presents “429” an original painting by Ray Jackson, 2003. A member of the the Outsiders, Ray Jackson’s art stand out. Instead of capturing California’s beautiful coastal and mountain scenes, he often paints urban scenes populated by people. Here, framed and in large scale, is a quiet cityscape in rich colors and brushwork. Little evidence of wear.

“The Outsiders are seven top San Francisco Bay Area plein air painters. Their name reflects both the form of painting they do – outdoor or plein air – and also their placement away from more traditional landscape and scene painters. They are: Nikki Basch Davis, Warren Dreher, Pam Glover, Ray Jackson, Judy Molyneaux, Bill Rushton and Jerrold Turner. Colorists first, their bold brush work and liberal use of paint echo the Fauvist style of their precedents – The Society of Six – who were active in the Bay Area in the early part of this century. A member of the the Outsiders reflects its origins in early California traditional and representational art. Painting for the sheer joy of it, the new plein air painters have added another component – they use their art to promote environmental and historical preservation.”


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Dimensions 53 x 61.5 in



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