Original Samuel Lowder Mixed Media Stencil Art Piece ” Sierra Leone”


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Design Plus Gallery presents an Original Samuel Lowder Stencil Art Piece “Sierra Leone.” Spray paint is layered with stencils to create a layering of fields in a hypnotic fashion. This is from a run of 20 prints titled “Sierra Leone.” Each one is a little different and layered on top of a white water colour paper. Signed in the lower right corner by the artist.

About Artist:
“Samuel Lowder was born in Santa Barbara California, in 1978. Sam began writing/painting graffiti as a teenager in the early 90’s and although he is self-taught, the camaraderie and competition of street art helped him hone his artistic skills and techniques along with his preference for spray paint as his artistic medium.

Moving back and forth between Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Maui and everywhere in between, he draws inspiration from each city’s unique setting and culture.

Whether it’s painting a mural, commissioned designing for clothing companies or even hand pulling his own screen prints, Samuel attempts to blend all these disciplines in his unique artwork by combining loose, hand-stressed collage, cleanly defined stencil work, and hand painted elements.”

Currently collaborating with both the commercial and fine art communities”

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Dimensions 16.5 x 20.5 in



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