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Design Plus Gallery presents the 2 Moons Floor Lamp by Nir Meiri. The designer Nir Meiri found inspiration in the idea of the unseen side of the moon. The lamps represent both faces of our satellite and capture the mystery of the moon.v The modern floor lamp is a minimal, a sculpture in black aluminum, steel and acrylic. Ideally for general lighting but also tocreate a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The light direction is adjustable.

“ABOUT NIR MEIRI STUDIO Founded in 2010 by designer Nir Meiri, Nir Meiri Design Studio offers
an out of the ordinary approach to everyday objects. Carefully selected materials are shaped into clean-cut forms, creating innovative products that play on the tension between the domesticated and the untamed.”

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Dimensions 15 x 15 x 63 in



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