Niermann Weeks Danieli Wall Sconces, Pair. Original Price: $5,775


Design Plus Gallery presents a Pair of Danieli Wall Sconces by Niermann Weeks. The Niermann Weeks Danieli sconces are a stunning pair of wall-mounted light fixtures. Inspired by a 19th-century design that had numerous ornate details which the designer Joe Niermann saw the potential with the styles underlying framework. With that he stripped away the excess, leaving behind a beautifully curved frame. The frame of the Danieli sconce is crafted with great care, resulting in a graceful and sweeping silhouette. The frame is finished with an oxidized silver leaf, giving it a rich, antique-like appearance. This finish adds a touch of vintage charm to the overall design. The combination of the oxidized silver leaf finish and the glass crystals creates a luxurious and opulent look. Both are in good condition with visible scratching on the back plate.

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Dimensions 23 x 12 x 30 in



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