Nicole M. Lomangino “Uzume”, Original Large Framed Collage


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Design Plus Gallery presents “Uzume, The Whirling Goddess of Dance and Joy. A striking Mixed Media Collage making use of Watercolor, Pen and Ink and Yuzen Paper on Paper, the large art piece is shown in an undulating gilt finished wood frame to great effect. This commissioned collage is predominately blues and golds with red details.

About Artist:
“Nicole is originally from New York and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. Raised by an artist and art teacher father; she has been surrounded by art her whole life. Her interests in Japanese myths and art began after living in Brazil and residing in a predominantly asian neighborhood. She started her artistic pursuits originally as illustrations to her poetry while receiving her Bachelor’s degree at SF State University.
Deeply inspired by the style of traditional woodblock prints of the Edo Period in Japan (late 1600’s-1800’s), Nicole developed her own style of blending watercolor and gouche to paint the figures which are eventually cut out, much like “paper dolls”. She then deliberately utilizes handmade Yuzen papers placed carefully and thoughtfully to embellish their kimonos and hair adornments. The pieces themselves are incredibly time-consuming; a complex dance of color and texture and depth, requiring hours of study, design, and arrangement: they are as much design, sculpture, architecture, and dressmaking as painting.”

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Dimensions 40.5 x 54.5 in



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