Newly Electrified Argand Table Lamp


Design Plus Gallery presents a Newly Electrified Argand Table Lamp. The Argand burner, or as most know it as the first scientifically constructed oil lamp, was patented in 1784 in England by Aimé Argand. The first basic change in lamps in thousands of years, it applied a principle that was later adapted to gas burners. This Argand burner consists of a cylindrical wick housed between two concentric metal tubes. The inner tube provided a passage through which air rose into the centre to support combustion on the inner surface of the cylindrical flame in addition to that on the outer surface. This one has kept its originality but has been modernized with a light plug and bulb. It also has iron ore cherubs at the base with antiqued brass elements too. So not only is it an educated conversation piece, it is composed of delicate craftsmanship. Wear is consistent with its antique age.

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Dimensions 11 x 6 x 21 in



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