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Design Plus Gallery presents a Case Study Furniture Arm Shell Rocker by Modernica. The fiberglass chair is one of the most recognizable designs of the twentieth century. Originally designed in 1948 by the Eames family, it was an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s International Design Competition. Who would have guessed at the success and longevity of this iconic design. The side shell rocker has Black wire legs and wood runners. Minor wear from usage. Manufactured in California.

“Modernica creates each shell, by hand, one-by-one, in our Los Angeles factory—just as they had been designed, developed, and produced in Southern California in the 1950s. Modernica uses all of the original presses and specialized equipment obtained from Century Plastics. To ensure authenticity of production, the initial shell chair production was overseen by Sol Fingerhut and Irv Green, the same team employed over sixty years ago to develop the original technology. Modernica creates each chair with the charge of adhering to the original tactile qualities, texture, and characteristics that alone are unique to the fiberglass shell chair. ”

Additional Measurements:
Arm Height: 23.5 Inches
Seat Height: 14 Inches

Additional information

Dimensions 25 x 27 x 28 in



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