Miguel Osuna 2006 Original Oil Canvas “Artardecer De Fuego”. Original Price: $8,000


Design Plus Gallery presents an Original Paitning by Miguel Osuna. Titled ” Artadecer De Fuego” Signed + dated in 2007. An Oil on Canvas, etching on aluminum plate with aluminum change mounting. The metal frame has patina.

From The Artist:
“Art is a practice of understanding. I want to understand everything and I believe that art provides a space where that is possible. Perspective is often clouded by humanity, but my practice is dedicated to finding and unpacking those moments and glimpses of brilliant providence, where a rich, if brief clarity allows ideas to coalesce and burst through my consciousness. My art works are intimate, personal and often theoretical investigations of the fluidity of life.

Experience is grounded in emotion, so I use abstraction to illuminate emotional space, bridging the gap between my humanity and that of the viewer, who uses his/her own emotional awareness to perceive and communicate with my work. The body of my work concentrates on how landscapes look and feel through thoughtful recollection. Whether painting horizons with the postmodern flatness of memory, or deconstructing the topography of quantum physics, landscape informs my perspective and allows the works to travel internally through gradients and color values, and externally, through the kinetic vibrancy of the compositions.

The gestural quality of my compositions conveys the organic motion and momentum of the unwritten language of energy. I put my whole being into the imprints I leave on the canvas with calligraphic movement. These forms are both intuitive and contemplative in structure, and representative of evolutionary ideas manifested through my search and survey of the media that attract me: oils, pigments, ink, and resin.

The canvas provides a self-referential structure for me to explore scale, position and volume of color, form and texture. My latest explorations on surface, reflexion and glare allow me to create my own mini-universe in which I can represent both my understanding and my questioning of the universe at large. Ultimately, my hope is that the viewer shares this microcosm with me, searching for the same ideas, solutions, and emotions that connect us.”

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Dimensions 70 x 37 in



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