Menton-French Riviera, Signed Serigraph by Barbara McCann. Original Price: $1,449


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Design Plus Gallery presents Menton-French Riviera by Barbara McCann. This signed and numbered serigraph (152/225) is fully representative of the artists techniques imparting color, movement and energy.

“Barbara McCann’s work imbues a heavy impasto palatte knife technique with a sense of solidity and dimension. It is a technique well-suited to her impressionistic style.
Her use of light, rich saturated color and application of heavily textured paints mark her as as an heir to the impressionists’ ideals – to create works that represents a feeling the image evokes rather than the accurate reproduction of “reality.” Light, shadow, color, texture and perspective are the fundamental elements Barbara uses to create her visions of warmth, wonder and life. 1948 – 2011

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Dimensions 54 x 43 in



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