Matt Rinard’s ‘When the Cat’s Away’ 262/300 Serigraph, Limited Signed


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Design Plus Gallery presents Matt Rinard’s ‘When the Cat’s Away’ Serigraph, a Limited Edition #262/300 artwork. One of the first pieces the artist created, his humor speaks volumes in this pop art delight. Perfectly blended with the subject matter, the frame and matting allow fo the colors of the artwork to coelesce in harmony.

Matt Rinard’s work is famous for ironic, surprising and just a little off-kilter humor. Rinard’s paintings and prints are also prized for their bold composition and vibrant colors, but it is Matt Rinard’s quirky sense of humor and his subject matter that have won him a devoted following around the world. The subjects of Rinard’s most recognizable works are intentionally funny, often revolving around the imagined antics and comic antagonisms of household pets when no humans are watching. Dogs and cats appear in an imaginative array of comical situations. In good condition, with minor wear.

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Dimensions 19 x 21 in



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