Marianne Kolb Marked No21 Aqua Media on Canvas


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Design Plus Gallery presents an original artwork by Marianne Kolb. An original Aqua media on Canvas, signed in 2003. Marked No.21,.

About the Artist:
“Kolb grew up in a isolated farming village in Switzerland. At sixteen Kolb moved into Bern, received a standard business education, and began working as a telephone operator and then as a wholesale buyer. At age twenty-five Kolb traveled to the States. minor blemishes.

When arriving to Berkeley, Kolb met a group of people who were very active in the East Bay arts community. For the first time an arts-related career seemed to be a possibility. Within a year of arriving in California Kolb had secured an apprenticeship with a goldsmith and soon after began working as a full-time goldsmith and jeweler.

In 1987 Kolb began to draw, and some time later, was given an old easel and a decrepit paint box still containing paint, brushes and mediums. This gift was the beginning of a transformed life, as if that very box were a magical vessel in which to travel. To this day it holds curiosity, and with it Kolb discover something new almost every day

Throughout all Kolbs work, whether working meticulously on a small-scale series of paintings and prints or with broad, quick gestural drawings, Kolb was pulling from visions which now realized were initially generated from life in a physically and mentally isolated landscape…..”

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Dimensions 25 x 28 in



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