Man Ray’s “Les Grand Trans Parents” Wall Mirror by Simon-Gavia


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Design Plus Gallery presents Man Ray’s “Les Grands Trans-Parents” Mirror by Simon-Gavina.
Each elliptical mirror has a polished edge on wood frame and hard polyurethane backing. Designed by Man Ray in 1938, then edited by Simon Cassina in 1971, it bears the imprint of a phrase that deliberately confuses in translation. “Large” is “transparent”, that is, that the most obvious things are often invisible to the eyes, and this is the only fact that the painter, photographer and film director exponent of Dadaism, has revealed. Fitting on back for hanging. Little evidence of surface wear on front; small nicks and imperfections on back.

*Note: Second matching mirror may be available.

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Dimensions 36 x 70.5 in



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