Lucien Delarue ‘View of Paris Above the Siene’


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Design Plus Gallery presetns the Lucien Delarue View Above the Siene from 1970s. The painting is presented and supplied in its’ Taiwanese ornate frame (which is shown in these photographs). The painting is signed lower right by Lucien Delarue who is one of the most well known French artists of the twentieth century. His style and delicate colors are instantly recognisable and his works are extremely collectible. With his lightness of touch and brilliant but understated use of color and light he excelled in capturing the romantic moods of Paris. Whist he painted many areas of France his best-known works are of the city of Paris, and the coastline of the South of France. This vintage painting is needing a cleaning, plus some water damage on linen, considerate with its age.

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Dimensions 23 x 19 in



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