Littleton S. Irby “Marin Head Lands” Original Acrylic Painting


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Littleton S. Irby “Marin Head Lands” Original Acrylic Painting. Signed and dated by the artist on the back of the canvas. Impressionistic painting shows an array of earthy + dynamic brushstrokes in a moving vibration.

About Artist:
“Artist, designer, leather craftsman, intuitive, receptive–the aesthetics and skills of a Renaissance man. Littleton S Irby hones many diverse titles, which he holds dearly with pride because his life’s work began in childhood. A child prodigy, Littleton began developing the methods to his creative process by exploring the beauty of watercolor art. He grew to appreciate the time it takes for the paint to settle and adapt to the medium. The patience allowed him to explore and grow his talent in several kinds of art. To Littleton, the “blank canvas” is not “blank”, but rather full of potential, to make something amazing, something remarkable, something with not only vitality, but of immortality–ultimately and fully surrendering himself to limitless depths of art. His love resides in collage-style art, which most people tend to overlook. However, Littleton is classically trained in this style of art–his major influences, Klimt and Bearden paved the way. Klimt’s aesthetic and sublime are especially embedded within Irby’s art series of women. He uses his experience, training, and logistical artistic planning to produce collages from recycled pictures. They may appear simple to the untrained eye, but simplicity and brevity can come to life in the hands of a skilled professional with a distinguished perspective–the hands of Littleton S. Irby.”

Statement of Intent
Many people who are considered different feel isolated and lonely and are excluded from the conformity of society that dictates “normality”. However, like my artwork, I was meant to diverge from what people find comfortable. Comfortable does not produce results. But I do. Ironically, societal exclusion has made me more inclusive and specific regarding the development of my artistic process, yet I can purposefully blend with the vague background noise. Others may view my work as “simple” because it does not fit their arbitrary definition of “normality”–it breaks the chains that bind the expanse of creativity. I possess the necessary attributes to engage my audience with clear and concise communication, which allows me to produce the desired results expected of the individual or team. As a man of art, I ensure all goals are understood, internalized, and, most of all, achieved with excellence.

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Dimensions 16 x 20 in



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