Karpeta Custom Pile Flatware Area Rug – 7′11″ × 11′10″


Design Plus Gallery presents the Pile Flatweave Rug by Karpeta, Italy. Designed by Lio de Bruin, Pile is a graphic black+white flatweave rug. Crafted of 90% New Zealand Wool and 10% Cotton Rug, the handwoven carpet is rich in texture due to the interplay of four simple different weaves. Light wear, overall good condition.

“Founded in 2006, Karpeta keeps alive the ancient handwork typical of the carpet with the aim of combining the past with the present, choosing to intertwine the craftsmanship of tradition with the modernity of a contemporary aesthetic. With a creative process based on strategic and emotional research, extending from spaces and materials to market and user experience, the studio transforms ideas and inspirations into design projects that promote a unique and highly recognizable brand identity vision.”

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