John Thompson ‘Belmont #2’ – Original Silk Screen on Canvas. Original Price: $3,850


Design Plus Gallery presents a ‘Belmont II’ by John Thompson. Belmont II is an outstanding silk screen that offers multiple florals with varying shades of blue growing upward to the upper edge of the canvas. His medium is a basic printing process of forcing ink through a stencil onto paper with a squeegee, “pulling”. Each color must be printed in the same place and in the same order for each print to resemble the original. On this silkscreen there are no less than 10 colors shown. The screen printer uses his knowledge of and preferences for color to develop a separate stencil for each color. Each stencil is then adhered to its own screen. The ink is then forced through the screen and onto the paper below. This process is repeated on all sheets of the edition, and then the stencil is destroyed. So as this is an art silk screen print, you can see that it is laborious, skill based, and completely original. Ready to hang on the wall. Created, signed and dated 2015.

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Dimensions 30 x 40 in



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