John Pomp Clear Bond Custom Pendant


Design Plus Gallery presents a John Pomp Clear Bond Custom Pendant. Glass orbs are blown by hand into the manner of Murano glass. These are finished with the standard clear glass finish and the coordinating hardware is a oil rubbed blackened steel. Drop length can be adjusted with black rope. Minor wear on finishes. Can coordinate with existing orb collection with two additional shapes. John Pomp takes inspiration from the ocean and elements of earth.

Additional Measurements:
Canopy Diameter: 5 Inches
Drop Height: 30 Inches

About Company:
“The intertwining of the four classical elements—fire, water, earth and air—is a constant source of inspiration to the design and philosophies of John Pomp. Be it a ripple on the ocean or the swelling of a bubble, his sculptural pieces mimic the wondrous geometry that exists, often unnoticed, in the natural world.

By capturing the fluidity of glass in its liquid state with gestural experimentations of technique, John transforms “perfectly imperfect” into signatures of his creations. Fragile and ethereal, yet purposeful and confident, every Pomp piece is a unique confluence of light, liquid and fire, which he brings together to alchemic effect.” -John Pomp Studios

Additional information

Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in



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