Joaquin Capa “Azul Claro” Art, 13/65


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Design Plus Gallery presents “Azul Claro” by Joaquin Capa, 13/65

About the Artist:
“Joaquín Capa was born in Spain in 1941 and studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Madrid. He also studied in Rome and Paris at Atelier 17, founded by William Hayter, one of the leading printmakers of the 20th Century. Experimenting with different color techniques in printmaking at Atelier 17, Capa discovers his passion for printmaking. The artist states that printmaking provides effects impossible to get with oil or acrylic painting. Transparency in color areas is the goal of every printmaker and Capa is a master in this area for his perfect understanding of printmaking techniques.
The artist has been spending meaningfull time in India, organizing workshops on printing techniques and in 1989 he was awarded at the International Biennial in Bhopal.

Joaquín Capa’s work can be found in prestigious museums and collections such as The Abstract Museum in Cuenca, Spain; Centro de Arte Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art and many more institutions and private collections.”

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Dimensions 17.5 x 24 in



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