Heller Frank Gehry Green Outdoor Easy Chair + Twist Ottoman Set. Original Price: $1,040


Design Plus Gallery presents the Frank Gehry Outdoor Easy Chair + Twist Ottoman. Designed by Frank Gehry in 2004 and made by Heller in the United States, the chair and ottoman were created with a single piece of root molded polymer. It features sleek surfaces and flowing lines, including atop the closed mid-back support. The seat has includes central inward curve that extends to the ground. There is minor wear; items are in good condition. This chair and ottoman are beautiful, functional, and make for a fabulous addition either indoors or outdoors.

Additional Measurements:
Ottoman: W20 inches x D18 inches x H17 inches
Seat Height: 15″H

Additional information

Dimensions 37 x 35 x 25 in



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