Harry Moody Framed Pink + Gray Abstract Painting. Original Price: $7,500


Design Plus Gallery presents a Harry Moody Framed Pink + Gray Abstract Painting. Layers of paint come to the surface with a single action. An array of moody grays, pinks, and yellow make up the palette. Painted in Los Angelos in 2015.

About Artist:
“My art is nothing more than a summary of all of my prior experiences, be it life lessons or my conscious or subconscious attempt to understand the known.” – Harry Moody

“Harry Moody is an established artist from the United States whose abstract paintings have been featured in national exhibitions and publications. Influenced by abstract German artist Gerhard Richter, Moody developed his own style questioning color, composition, aesthetics, and patterns. He works with brushes and palette knifes to apply oil paint to the canvas in layers while the paint is still wet, resulting in vibrant works full of texture and rhythm. “

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Dimensions 50 x 50 in



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