Harco Loor Design Tiara Crystal Pendant. Original Price: $2,500.00


Design Plus Gallery presents the Tiara Pendant by Harco Loor Designs. A crown of jewels for your room, the Tiara is like an otherworldly gem. Orbs and drops of radiant Asfour crystals dangle from twisting stainless steel. Provides ambient and decorative light, the pendant has been crafted from stainless steel and Asfour crystal. Single amethyst colored crystal at center. About Company: Harco Loor Design was founded in the Netherlands in the early 80’s as a result of growing interest and significance of design in the international field of interior lighting. Each design is hand crafted and caries the personal signature of the designer Harco Loor.

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Dimensions 30 x 30 x 10 in



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