Erin E. Sorensen Original Painting


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Design Plus Gallery presents a commissioned original Artwork by Erin E. Sorensen. From her series “Lake Mist” the large scale piece intrigues with quiet movement and rich hues that the artist has formulated for herself, using crushed metals, sands, glass and pigments.

“Erin E Sorensen: Artist, Maker, Painter, Designer. She has lived and worked as an artist, maker, painter, designer internationally for over 30 years, specializing in large scale artworks and contemporary painting and commissions. Erin has brought her large scale artistic talents to public, historic, international projects such as Lead Artist for the recreation of the London Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Also contributing as a Designer and Artist to the Underglobe Education Centre, Community Projects and Programs.”

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Dimensions 45.5 x 51 in



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