Don C. Nix” Voices in the Wind” Mixed Media Painting


Design Plus Gallery presents a Don C. Nix” Voices in the Wind” Mixed Media Painting. Plaster and clay are mixed with paint in a large scale configuration with architectural detailing within an orb aura. Painted in 1980 on wood panel, with a variety of cool neutrals and bronze pigment. Artist’s bio is attached on the back. Minor wear, painting is in good condition.

About Artist:
“The artist is that member of society charged with finding visual equivalents for the evanescent, non-ordinary states of consciousness in which life becomes deeply meaningful. Art occurs, for both the artist and the viewer, in that “realm of magic” generated and made possible by these very special mental states. By definition, then, the artist’s activity is shamanic in nature, and consists of invoking the magical and leading the viewer into it. Paul Klee had it right when he said: “All art is a memory of age-old things, dark things, whose fragments live on in the artist.” The images tap our race experiences of fireside ritual, magical incantation, and shamanic contact with the vast, unseen and ultimately powerful forces. There is a spirit of awe and veneration at work, and something stirs in modern man, beneath his layers of skepticism, rationality and pragmatism, to connect him with primitive man’s world of mystery, in which all things are alive and interconnected. The twenty-first century and its psychological deadweight are lifted. Time itself is suspended, as well as the laws of physics and the mentality that created them, and we float weightlessly in a magical universe beyond individuality.”

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Dimensions 98 x 73.5 in



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