Dedon Mini NestRest Hanging Pet Bed. Original Price: $1,415


Design Plus Gallery presents the Mini NestRest Pet Bed by Dedon. With its organic aluminum powder-coated structure, NESTREST transforms your pet’s space into a suspended sanctuary. The chalk-hued bed will gently rock your fur baby and put them at ease. Created by Fred Frety & Daniel Pouzet, NESTREST was inspired by the shapes, textures and colors found in nature. Washable cushion cover.

“Combining the highest levels of comfort, quality and style, DEDON creates luxury outdoor furniture that enables our customers to enjoy outdoor living without compromises. All materials are carefully selected and finished to ensure products of unsurpassed resistance to extreme conditions. The result is luxurious furniture that endures.”

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Dimensions 18 x 18 x 24 in



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